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  • 27 Aug, 2019
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 The Dalyan delta is part of Turkey's first ever SEPA (Special Environmental Protection Area).

It is a wonderful natural phenomenon with Lake Koycegiz at it's head and Iztuzu beach on the coast. Between the two is Dalyan creek which meanders through the town, then widens and spreads into the maze of reed beds, home to a rich and diverse fauna and flora. The creek is home to the rare Nile Turtle.
The glorious 6km of white sand that is Iztuzu beach is one of the last remaining unspoilt nesting sites of the endangered Caretta Caretta - the Loggerhead Sea turtle.
Whilst there visit Kaptan June's Hut and museum, where the story of the fight to save Iztuzu for the turtles began.
Dalyan itself is a charming village with riverside walks and many shops cafes and bars. You can sit by the river, overlooking the famous Lycian rock tombs whilst enjoying a cay or coffee....or something stronger!
Take a two minute "ferry" ride across the river and visit the ancient Carian city of Kaunos that was founded around 9th century BC.
A boat trip upriver will take you to Koycegiz - the town on the lake. Many of these trips also stop at Sultaniye thermal springs. The warm healing waters and muds here, contain many minerals known for their recuperative effects. 

Market day is Saturday.