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  • 27 Aug, 2019
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Dalaman Airport to Fathiye; Fethiye is a bustling harbour and market town, a 45 minute drive from Dalaman.

Here you can explore the labyrinth of shops and restaurants lining the streets of the old quarter and pay a visit to the famous fish market. Choose your fresh fish from the market and one of the surrounding restaurants will cook it for you, and provide bread and salad for about 6 lira.

A 15 minute drive from Fethiye takes you to the "ghost village" of Kayakoy - the inspiration for Louis de Bernieres "Birds Without Wings". Abandoned in 1926 during the forced exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey; it was left to crumble into disrepair and is now an eerie and evocative place to visit.

Market day is Tuesday.